Chief Editor

Hi, I’m Prasanna!
I’m a travel blogger. With my colourful
imagination, I want to take you guys on
the adventure of a lifetime. I’m here to
inspire others through my journey of
being a solo traveller, pushing the
envelope of what’s possible. I hope
this site gives you some inspiration
and handy tips to go and chase
your own adventures.

Basant Verma


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Max negi


Hey ! I am a journeyer. I scribble down my vision by capturing the elegant beauty of the nature & the Illustration of enticing places where you will come across thrill and calmness to your wanderlust.

Anuj Sonker


Hey! I am ANUJ,
By profession I am a mechanical engineer but when its come to travelling I am a kind of Hodophile person.

Anuj Giri