Are you a religious person? Are you searching for any religious place to visit in Uttarakhand?
Then you must have to visit the Garjiya Devi Temple also known as the Garjiya Mata Mandir located at the outer periphery of the Ramnagar, at the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The temple has a very catchy and attractive view and the giant rocks and the nearby forests make the Temple more attractive in the eye of the tourists.

Garjiya Devi Temple

The temple has its own history and is built over a single piece of the mountain. Most of the visitors visit the temple daily some of them are from the locals and some of them are tourists.

Garjiya Devi Temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site which is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. In order to reach the temple the individual has to climbs approx 50-60 stairs and then they found the idol of Garjiya Devi which is about 4-5 feet in height. The temple is surrounded by river Kosi.
Most people organize the BHANDARA most of the time with the help of the temple committee to fulfill their wishes. The number of tourist increases year by years in the Temple, On an average about 1000s of tourists visits in a particular year.

Garjiya Devi

How to reach?

Garjiya Devi Temple is located at the outer periphery of the Corbett National park in the Garjiya village, which is about 14-15 km away from the Ramnagar city. in order to reach there, you can use your own vehicles as well as local transport at a fare of Rs 30 to Rs 50.
Previously there is only a wooden bridge to reach the temple which generally collapses during the flood but in the present days, the bridge is converted into the RCC which provides the easy passage to the many visitors at a time.

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According to the people, the Temple has a very vast history. The origin and the construction of the temple are started in the year of 1940. Firstly the temple is discovered by the ruler of the Ramnagar, Katyuri, in the year of 1840. During his time the Temple is totally surrounded and sheltered by the forest in the hilltop, and the River Kosi is flowing nearby it. The river water cuts the mountain over a years and the only part of the mountain is left above which the Temple is situated. The Temple is constructed again and again by the Temple authorities with the help of the visitors by raising the fund for the Temple.

Life at Garjiya Village…

The people at the Garjiya village mostly depends on the tourism for the livelihood and income. As the setup market outside the temple such as restaurants, shops, and other items that are used for the worship purpose. The normal temperature of the surrounding is generally 3-5 degrees lower as compared to the normal temperature this is due to the river that flows nearby the temple.

Other things to know….

  • Also visit the idol of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, and Batuk Bhairava.
  • Photography inside the temple is prohibited.
  • Smoking inside the temple premises is prohibited.
  • beware of thieves.
  • Some people visit there as a picnic site.

Best time to visit…

As there is always a crowd present in the temple, mostly in the Navaratri Festival. People stand in a queue in the early morning around 5 AM to visit the temple and worship there. If you are planning to visit then the month of November and December is the best.
If you are planning to visit the Temple during the rainy season then you must leave that thought the reason behind that is the Temple is situated in the middle of the river Kosi, during the rainy season the river is flooded and the river become very dangerous.

You may also know…

  • You can also have the fun of jungle safari in Corbett national park.
  • You can also visit the nearby sites like Corbett fall, Sitabani temple.
  • you can also enjoy outdoor adventure activities.
  • you should be very careful while you are in the Kosi river, as it become venerable during the rainy season and many casualties already took place due to lack of precaution.

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