The life of Hills @ Uttarakhand

If you are born in the womb of nature, the attachment to it is as deep as the young child has to its mother.

As I reached the hilly area, nature welcomed me by spreading both arms, this zenith is a lifelong satisfaction. The people here woke up with the first ray of the sun. When the ray reaches the room, it raises the room with light and the positive vibes. The fragrance of fresh air gives a new spirit to live and flows to awaken everyone fills with new energy.

In the winter, the uphills fill with snow all around which makes it even more beautiful. The snowfall in the up Himalaya regions such as Chamoli, Nainital, Pithoragarh where the temperature goes below 0°C even in the day time gives a pleasure to enjoy the climate. After the season of spring, the hills seem like the beauty has come out after grooming. The uphills get filled with greenery all around. The view after the rain which is a combination of mist on grasses, birds and the clear sky makes such an emotion that makes people go crazy. The natural beauty of these hilly areas is associated with the struggling life of the people around there who cherish these mountains as their heritage.


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Livelihood @ HILLS

The routine of the people here starts with a cup of tea in a steel glass. The tea is an integral part of the daily routine. You can hardly find any person here who don’t drink tea at least once a day. In the household work, every single person shares an equal role and responsibility no matter, from child to old age people. The fresh atmosphere and the physical activity that they perform here is the key factor that differentiates the urban people from the hilly ones.

The main struggle which I find here is the availability of drinking water. Few members from each house go to some paniyari (source of water) or fountain from where they collect the natural running water for the drinking and kitchen work. This is the daily routine of the people living here.

prasanna at tripura sundari

The women who reside here are mountaineer, they are good at physical work, no matter whether it’s of the kitchen/household work or the work on the field such as walking miles of the firewood or cutting grains for the animals. Their selfless attitude towards there working make the family complete and happy. Men are work here as a farmer or labour. Their livelihood totally depends on the physical work wage that they get paid for the work they do.

The tourism provides new employment opportunity to the people here, but those are the seasons which is only limited to the particular duration when a tourist arrives. Usually, April to July when there is a huge rise in the temperature the people from the middle and southern parts of the country visits here and during this period the localities start a new business (such as selling on the outer streets of the city, carry rickshaw ride and some becomes the local guides) in search of some income source through which they can improve their livelihood and give a better future to there children.

In my personal experience, the life of the hilly people totally depends on tourism. Due to the lack of industrialization and distant from the urban area, it does not get much development which it deserves. People here struggle every day for a better tomorrow for them and for there family. Migrating to the cities seems the only way for the people to find opportunities for living except for tourism and private work. Even the basic need such as hospitals are miles away, and taking patients to the hospital itself is a challenging task. They don’t have any corporate school as we have in cities for there children. The children have to walk miles to reach the government schools as they are far from there house.

city with snow


If you are tired of the urban life or the corporate lifestyle and wishes to enjoy your present beyond the race of outside world then definitely you should visit hills once a year, to experience the struggle of life, to know how pleasant it is to feel so close to nature.

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