4 Unforgettable Hours: Yamunotri

There is always something fascinating about morning people. But for me who isn’t a morning person, thinking about something, something like travelling accelerates my blood and beats my pulse. Like rain is said to be the vein of nature, that’s travelling for me, the vein of my soul.
Something which keeps me warm when everything else doesn’t feel feathering.
In this trek, we are five and for us, the journey started the moment we deliberated, under the roof, with all the ideas of it. We handpicked different notions of it but at last, we just picked our possessions or chal pade raah mein bina kisi manzil ke, ye soch ke ki kaha jana hai wo raste mai tay kar lenge. Wo kehte hai na JAHA CHHAH WHA RAHA, but it’s not for us, we are supposed to be at railway station but we were on the wrong trek towards ISBT, but we somehow managed to catch the bus from the vikram and keep saying to him Bhaiya bhaga lo yar, thode extra le lena.
We stepped, the notions approached. As in every walk the roads one receives more then what he seeks.

5 of us

It was a temple visit cause it is the temple that reminds who we really are and see with clarity who we really can become. With every kneel in the temple the chaos in our heart and mind wafts.
So basically Yamunotri Temple is situated in the Garhwal region of the Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand, and has a distance of 278 km from Dehradun. The temple is devoted to goddess Yamuna and has an idol of the black marble of the goddess.
BHAIYA YE TO HOGYA GOOGLE KA GYAN. But in reality, hume poora rasta nhi pta tha, bas BARKOT pochna hai ye hum jante the.
Wo bus ki khidki se andar aati itrati hawa, wo uchi-uchi pahadiyan jinhe dekh kar lag rha tha ki wo bula rahe hai. With a constant shine in our eyes and jostles in the bus, we finally reached BARKOT. Or wo barkot mai 2 baje ki dhoop or uske sath jhoomti barfili hawa ek anjaan safar ki shuruwaat ka aagaz karne lagi thi.
Yaha se hamari zndagi ke us safar ki shuruwat hone wali thi, which was going to become the indelible part of our lives.


Imagine looking out the mountain, with a quilt of snow, What’s more than this adrenaline things to see. We started the trek which is 6 km from the JANKICHATTI which is 45 km from barkot, with all the exhaustion carrying by the body and a waft of icy air on our face but in the middle of many issues we were like JAI MATA KI, JAI YAMUNOTRI MATA.
There was not a single person we have seen yet, and now deep inside we all are feeling alone. But what’s more beautiful than a sound of hustling water beside the narrow trek with a small appearance of goosebumps Woooo its as crazy as water bucket challenge. At the beginning of the trek, a shopkeeper told us about the story of this temple, and its quite strange how passionately he told us about the temple about the river that this place is also known as the hometown of the goddess Yamuna which is located beside the BANDARPOONCH Parbat and it is the highest temple of goddess Yamuna, but he also said that this is not the right time to go there and that’s the thing which is bothering in all of our minds but we all have one thing cleared in our mind ITNI DUR AAKE TO WAPAS NHI JAYENGE and we moved towards the trek.

Have you read our last post about GARJIYA DEVI TEMPLE? Read it now.

What excites us from the beginning, now has a frightening impact on our mind and deep inside we know that we are in between the devil and the deep sea, but also we are enjoying the trek. But now there is something that stopped all of us, a piece of mountain covering the whole trek, makes some of us change the mind from getting ahead. but somehow we managed to cross the trek. As the time ticking away with the heavy lump of snow and with an increase of darkness but after all this, we have to move forward because wo hi purana dialogue AB ITNI DUR AYE HAI TO WAPAS NHI JAYENGE. With the increase of darkness, there is an increase in heartbeats and it feels like time is running out but we are still at one place and there is no sign of temple and at that time I remembered the shopkeeper warning,’IS TIME MAT JAO’.

We were frightened and a thought came to our mind that if we can’t make it and something terrible happens then we were on the news everywhere with a headline’5 Bacho ko Yamunotri trek se safe rescue kiya gya. After a long mutual discussion, we were like wapas jane main hi bhalai hai so we ran back slowly and it feels like there is no one else except darkness. But somehow we managed to came back and we hugged each other. We have only heard this thing that ‘JAB TAK BHAGWAN KA BULAWA NHI ATA, KOI NHI JA PATA’ but now we are the victims. We are sad that we cannot make it to the temple , but now we have something,something that can’t be yours by just sitting in your comfort zone. Now we have learned about the cost of life ,the fear ,the teamwork and also that ‘imaginary trip’ now we are the part of it.


Basically it is 180 km from Dehradun and if you are from dun then you can take the bus from the railway station in the morning to the BARKOT which is 136 km. And from there you can hire the private vehicle to the Janki chatti which is 45 km from barakot and from there you can start your trek for the Yamunotri Dham.

BEST TIME TO VISIT YAMUNOTRI :(Except the time when we were there -jokes apart)

opening hour:6 am – 8 pm in the first weak of may till October

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  1. Preeti bisht

    Khataro k khilari (daring log) btw fabulous work ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. Pankaj singh

    Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so quintessential, rich and full of life that I cannot stop myself to say something about it. Youโ€™re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.
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